Dear Purchasers of Kason LED lighting products,

            To remain the leader of the industry Kason has a policy of continuous improvement.  This policy drives Kason to:  Make new and better products; assure customers best value; and respond to customer needs with fast and reliable supply.

The fields of LED manufacture and electronic technology changes at a rapid pace.  New items offering improvements in performance, availability and longevity become available with regularity.  Kason evaluates new technology as it becomes available.  If advantageous Kason will adopt better technology into its LED products to assure customers price stability, and continued availability of products.

The performance, output and color temperature of our LED products will meet or exceed published specifications and not change. However, you may notice minor visual differences  over time as updated components are utilized in the manufacture of the products. Changes to LED array configuration, size or color of electronic components are typical changes that may be noted. 

Rest assured that  the LED lighting product will perform and specified and will be the same as or better than other purchased prior to the update.

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