• Systems for freezer, cooler, cold storage, warehouse and industrial applications
  • Heavy duty hardware system carries weight up to 440 pounds (200 kg.) per door section.
  • Pre-assembled one-piece trolley assembly features heavy extruded aluminum chassis with heavy-duty 3-1/2-in. (89mm) diameter nylon-clad hardened steel ball bearing rollers.
  • Built-in anti-lift feature and deep-seated rollers prevent derailing, provide stability.
  • Rail and track are rugged, corrosion resistant extruded aluminum for quick response and straight, sure tracking even with maximum door load.
  • Track ramps are tough, smooth acetal for long wear and easy-sliding doors. "Down-and-in" action provides easier door operation, yet ensures a tight door seal in combination with the selected Kason lower guide option.
  • Top-hung, solid steel hangers accept most door panels. Supplied hangers are built into your door frame for security and stability.
  • Micro-leveling allows for vertical door adjustment to maintain door seal, even where floors are uneven or after sweeper gasket is worn. Adjustment nuts are located up front for easy access.
  • Exterior and interior pull-handles and long stainless steel lever handle are standard with single door systems.
U.S. Patent Number: 5,461,829

Metal parts are aluminum, stainless steel,  or plated steel for corrosion resistance. Resilient, flexible vinyl gasket tested per ASTM Standard E4257.  

Pre-cut track and mechanism for door openings up to 144” (3658mm) wide.  

Anti-lift feature prevents derailing and deters forced entry when door is locked, Sure closing door rolls "down-and-in" to close with a positive seal against the gaskets. One pull breaks the door seal for fast, easy opening.  

Integrated system is engineered with top quality materials and simple mechanisms for minimum maintenance.

Requires user supplied sub-frame and door panels. For door thickness of 3-1/2" (89mm) or more.

See Additional Information: 8600 Single Installation.

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