(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

The new generation of Kason GreenGuard® products are designed for sustainability and efficiency that are key characteristics in obtaining LEED credits for customers. These new products, in addition to many of Kason's traditional products, are the smart choice for our customers that are striving for LEED certified buildings.

Operators of new and remodeled buildings are asking architects to give them building that are LEED certified. LEED certification is based on achieving a minimum total point credit for a building project. LEED credits are granted to a wide range of environmentally friendly factors in the building design and construction that affect the environmental impact ranging from site preparation to materials used to energy consumption of building systems.

Kason's GreenGuard® products support justification for LEED credits in several categories. Our LED light fixtures support credits in four of the seven LEED categories including both innovation in Design and Energy and Atmosphere as they last 5 times longer than a CFL and do not contain toxic mercury. Our motion sensor light controls are eligible for supporting Energy and Atmosphere credit. Other products such as our foam filled panel fasteners support the Energy and Atmosphere category by optimizing the building performance.

Even more traditional Kason products can help customers gain LEED credits in the Energy and Performance category. Strip curtains and ThermalFlex doors optimize energy performance and refrigeration system performance. Kason Performer hinges maximize door sealing for the life of a walk-in to reduce energy usage and refrigeration system performance.

Kason also supports LEED credits for the high post-industrial recycled material content that is in all Kason Die-Cast hardware and steel panel fasteners. Products that can be recycled and that are made from at least 20% post-industrial recycled materials all yield LEED credit.

And because Kason prides itself on vertical integration of its entire process and making their product in America, the majority of Kason's products support the Regional Priority LEED credit.

Kason products are the smart choice for customers looking to build for a more sustainable environment and achieve a LEED certified building.

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