Product A - 7600000100


  • Drawer lock with five disc cylinder is easy to install. Two brass keys included
  • Non-ferrous satin chrome barrel and case
  • Drilled for No. 6 (4mm) wood screws

Product Not Shown - 7600000200

  • T-bolt lock with five-disc cylinder for hollow metal drawers and foamed-in-place doors
  • Heavy duty vertical dead bolt removes for installation. Two brass keys included
  • Stainless steel faced cylinder
  • Mounts through double-D hole; fastens with hex nut

Product # - 7600000400

  • Nickel plated plunger lock with five-disc cylinder
  • For bypassing doors 3/4" (19mm) thick or greater
  • Easy to install push-in bolt receiver
  • Locking cylinder cannot be removed from housing without key. Two brass keys included
  • Drilled for No. 5 (3mm) wood screws

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