Frequently Asked Questions About Kason Industries, Inc.

Who is Kason?
Your production partner, who designs, builds and delivers the world's most dependable lines of commercial hardware and accessories.

Who does Kason serve?
Manufacturers and fabricators who make commercial coolers, freezers, foodservice equipment, truck bodies and industrial enclosures. Maintenance and repair services, who replace commercial hardware.

Where is Kason coming from?
Since our start in 1926 as a small machine shop, Kason has added product lines and grown in size and sophistication to become the leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration hardware.

What Does Kason Offer?
Kason provides superior products and service to global markets. At our nearly 250,000 square feet of manufacturing plants and offices at three locations in Newnan, GA (U.S.), we are constantly working to improve current products and production techniques, and to develop new solutions for our customers.

How can Kason satisfy my hardware needs?
With innovative products such as a wide selection of door hinges, latches, handles and closers for temperature sensitive and industrial enclosures and truck bodies; feet, legs, and accessories for foodservice and other sanitary equipment; fasteners for prefabricated insulated panels; sliding door operating systems, vinyl strip curtain systems and swing doors.

With superior production standards. In-house research, design and engineering yield innovative products and leadership in custom product development. Pioneering Kason products include SafeGuard® latches, TRAPPER® grease filters for commercial cooking hoods, and new ThermalFlex®, Easimount®, and Maximount® strip curtains.

With responsive customer service and dependable global delivery through five Kason distribution centers in the United States, and Canada and authorized distributors throughout the world.

Why should I choose Kason Products?
You go to great lengths to build your own top-of-the-line equipment. Kason's mission is to preserve your product integrity by providing the highest quality hardware, parts and accessories at competitive pricing.

How can I order or find out more about Kason products?
Browse this website to find the hardware, accessories and supplies you use; then contact your Kason representative in the U. S. or Canada or an International distributor in Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

Major U.S. parts distributors also stock genuine Kason replacement parts.

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